About Us


Based in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, we specialize in the development, ownership and day-to-day management of hotel assets. With more than 25 years experience in hotel development and management we are recognized leaders in the industry operating award-winning hospitality brands. Our core strengths are financial performance, operating systems, human resource management, standardized training, sales & marketing and “daily” revenue management. SHM has enjoyed tremendous stability as a company since its formation and has a proven track record with its lenders, owners, franchise brands, employees and suppliers.


Our focus and area of expertise is full service hotels without food & beverage and extended stay segments of the industry. Our properties are located along Interstate Highways and in Smalltown, USA, giving us a unique understanding of what it takes to operate in various  business environments.


Our corporate management team is comprised of a group of savvy professional veterans with a solid background in Hospitality management. Whether new construction, acquisition, or repositioning an asset within its market, SHM has successfully accomplished the task.